Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day +9

Today has been another good day, slow and uneventful. Hunter received platelets again this morning and then enjoyed a leisurely Aveeno soak in the tub. He does a great job entertaining himself in his crib with a variety of toys, games and books. We decided to turn off the television for the last three days. He spends a lot of time mimicking the doctors' and nurses' daily routines with him. He certainly puts them through their paces and makes sure they don't forget any steps in their examination. He often helps the nurses with their paperwork, blood pressure and temperature reads, and the cleaning and flushing of his Line. One small concern we have is his itching. Hunter is slowly starting to complain his bottom is bothering him. Right now it is something we are monitoring.

Our daughter, Harper, is ten months old today. We miss her very much. She is racing through her first year of milestones. We can't wait for the four of us to be reunited and healthy.

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