Friday, October 16, 2009

Day +21/+22 (Improvement ...)

Hunter is returning to his old self slowly but surely. He spends more time awake but tires easily. Hunter eats small amounts of food, although he loses interest quickly. Yesterday he got out of his crib and took "mini" laps around his "mini" room. He even attempted to enter the hallway, but can't since he is still in isolation for parainfluenza. We hope he clears his next nasal wash on Monday so he is free to roam around the unit. I imagine he'll want to stop by Ashley's room. Honestly, I can't remember the last time he was out of his crib for anything other than his daily bath. The doctors are pleased with Hunter's progress, especially considering where he was at this time last week. They have further spread out his anti-nausea medicines and scaled back his IV pain drip. Also, he is no longer on any form of Lasix. Hunter's Attending Physician said Hunter has clinically diagnosed acute GVHD of the liver, skin and possibly of the gut. He will remain on steroid therapy to treat GVHD. The doctors mentioned they may decrease the dosage in a couple of days, although Hunter will be on steroids for approximately two and a half months. Hunter's blood pressure has been high and he receives medicine to treat this too.


  1. Bien, bien, bien,

    Quand je repense à la semaine dernière, je suis épatée par la capacité d'Hunter à surmonter les épreuves de la maladie et à avancer vers la guérison, lentement mais certainement sûrement...
    Ce petit bout de chou et ses parents méritent toutes nos pensées et tous nos bisous,

    Sylvie et les garçons

  2. Oh Boy! Hang in there...everything WILL be ok! x

  3. Wow. Glad to hear that he is on the mend. Still keeping you in our prayers. Much love to all of you.