Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day +14 (Hunter is where he needs to be...)

Hello, Grandma Marcia here... I've been asked to write today's update.

Know that Hunter is himself, interacting with and giving hugs to everyone; however, his BIG belly is the primary concern. Last night some of Hunter's drugs were switched to ones that are not as hard on his liver.

Hunter's team of doctors, which now includes a renal specialist, is working to determine whether his "unhappy liver" is caused solely by the VOD or by additional factors such as early GVHD (graft versus host disease). How Hunter's body reacts to the prednisone drip started this morning will help his doctors make that determination.

As a pro-active, precautionary measure, Hunter was moved to the ICU this afternoon. Hunter is able to receive treatments in the ICU which cannot be administered in his room. Hunter's kidneys are functioning, but not well enough. A Lasix drip has been started to help flush fluids from his body. If his kidneys need further assistance, this can be handled in the ICU as well. Hunter has not received any drugs to treat his parainfluenza virus. As his doctors know the predisone may cause the parainfluenza to flare up, they are prepared for that possibility.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and good thoughts...


  1. Praying that the VOD resolves and that the prednisone drip and the lasix drip work well. Glad to hear that Hunter is still his old self amidst all of this.

    Hope that the parainfluenza does not flar up and that he can be out of the ICU soon.

    With Best Wishes,


  2. Nous pensons très fort à vous et nous sommes à vos cotés, à chacun de ces instants difficiles... Hunter va y arriver, il est tellement fort !
    Vous vous envoyons des tonnes de bisous d'outre-Atlantique
    Sylvie et les garçons