Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day +23/+24 (Status quo ...)

Hunter remains on the mend. He's eating more and spending more time awake. Although both could potentially be attributed to the steroids, we are happy with his progress. The doctors continue to scale back his IV pain drip and other IV medications as well. They will not check his liver function every day as they believe he is over the VOD hump. The numbers regarding his liver look much improved so we are reassured by that. Tomorrow they will decrease Hunter's IV nutrition to half of what he started on.

It's hard to believe Hunter has been in the hospital five weeks to the day. Initially we were told to plan on Hunter being in the hospital for "six weeks or so." If he continues to improve and has no other setbacks, he is on target to be released into outpatient care at "six weeks or so."


  1. Je suis si heureuse de lire ce matin que les choses continuent doucement à s'améliorer !
    Vous êtes une équipe formidable, vous et Hunter !

    On vous embrasse mille fois,
    Sylvie et les garçons

  2. hello boys

    soo delighted to hear another positive report on all levels. and to think that he might be released in less than 2 weeks. fantastic news.

    we are so glad you liked the care package and he still remembered us all.

    big hugs to you....keep strong.

    the crowes xxxx

  3. Wonderful to hear that things are stabilizing and headed in the right direction for discharge. Great job!


  4. I really hope he'll be released soon...even if he's not going back to his "castle" yet, he still will have so much more room to play !!! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  5. That's great. We are keeping our fingers crossed for 6 weeks.


  6. This is so good to hear...please let me know the minute he is out of isolation...we want to see you all! (and have some things for Hunter :) Tell him hi for "Maksis and Nikos"