Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day +17 (Today's News...)

Today has been much like yesterday with Hunter sleeping most of the time. He had his bath, watched Toy Story, read books, and wrote on his white board. Hunter's close friend from the floor, Ashley, and her dad stopped outside our door to visit. Before the door opened all the way, Hunter said "Hi Ashley!" We truly appreciate their friendship.

Hunter's Lasix drip and IV narcotic have been decreased, and he is still on prednisone therapy.

His ANC was 803 today, so Hunter is considered engrafted! This means one of the five major requirements to be discharged from the hospital has been met!

Hunter's belly measured a bit smaller, and his intake and output started to even out. All of today's counts remained the same or improved.

Hunter looks like he spent the day at the beach as his skin has a reddish hue, another indication of Graft Versus Host Disease.

Although we are exhausted, we are very thankful for today's counts...

(Ghostwritten by Grandma Marcia)


  1. Fantiastic news about engraftment!
    I will be keeping everything crossed that if Hunter does have GVHD that it is only a very minor case. I read somewhere that having acute GVHD (presenting early) is an indication that chronic GVHD (presenting a lot later and potentially more serious)is less likely to occur(?)....lets hope??
    Thinking of you!
    with love,

  2. Bonjour à vous tous,

    Nous sommes très heureux de constater que les signes cliniques s'améliorent, même si nous n'en avions jamais douté...
    Courage encore,
    Mille bisettes marseillaises,
    Sylvie et les garçons

  3. I keep praying for this dear little fellow! He is definitely very strong for going through all of this but I am sure what he had already gone through has helped a great deal! I just know he is going to make a full recovery and with God's help I am sure he will. Much love to all of you! Darlene (Jason' mom)