Friday, October 2, 2009

Day +8

I was planning to post "it was another quiet day." However, as soon as I got on my computer, Hunter decided it was time to pretend he was Mount Vesuvius. Luckily, we were able to clean him up quickly as his bout of nausea passed without much fanfare. Now he's back to his normal self, cuddling with his stuffed tiger and thoroughly cleaning her Line. Earlier in the day he received another platelet infusion, as well as his weekly IVIG infusion. He is fairly hoarse from throwing up and mucositis so, believe it or not, he doesn't talk constantly. When he does speak he cracks us up. He was very concerned this afternoon as he could hear one of his friends crying across the hall. He kept telling us, "Carter's sad. Poor Carter." We asked him if he wanted us to close the door so he wouldn't have to listen to Carter crying. He said no because he wanted to make sure his friend was ok. We went on a walk after his bath and we passed the Charge Nurse's office. Hunter turned back around, went into the office and said, "Hello, everybody!" He then went up to the Charge Nurse and said, "You come with me. C'mon, walk with me." She actually did until Hunter came across another nurse he wanted to walk him the rest of the way to his room. Hilarious. Hunter had his weekly visit from his Side by Side ( volunteer, Allison (Wonderland). He really enjoys the company and we are thrilled to have the support.
He had a great night last night. We are hoping for another tonight, especially me since I'm on duty!

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  1. I hope Hunter is having a good day today. I am thinking of all of you and praying for a super speedy recovery for Hunter. Love, Shelley