Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day +10 (Isolation ...)

Today was not one of Hunter's better days. He remained in good spirits even though his energy level was low. He spent a lot of time in his bed after waking up this morning with a temperature and high blood pressure. Hunter's Attending Physician noticed a rash beginning on his arms as well. She said it was quite normal and a possible sign of engraftment, although it's relatively early for that. He developed a runny nose before his nap, so the nurse collected a sample for testing. In the meantime, Hunter goes into isolation for the next five days. The nurses will put on gowns and masks before entering the room and we are not allowed into the family areas. They want to be cautious because Hunter suffered from parainfluenza prior to being admitted. Hunter woke up from his nap and threw up several times, mostly bile. It amazes me he has anything to throw up since he doesn't eat or drink. The nurses are giving him medicine for his high blood pressure, temperature and nausea, and keeping an eye on his rash. It could be better but it could be way worse. Honestly, tomorrow we hope it's a little bit better.


  1. We are holding all of you in our thoughts and look forward to better days ahead. Much love.

  2. You both are amazing.

  3. Hang in there - sending lots of positive energy your way!

  4. Bonjour,

    Retour au blog d'Hunter après 3 jours passés au bord de la mer ce week-end.
    Les jours qui viennent, à l'isolement, ne seront peut-être pas les meilleurs mais ils seront certainement suivis de jours plus faciles, gais et réjouissants...
    On l'embrasse très fort, malgré les gants et les masques.
    Sylvie et les garçons