Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two isn't always better than one ...

The test results we received today indicated Hunter not only tested positive for parainfluenza, but also tested positive for adenovirus. Adenovirus can potentially develop into viral pneumonia or cause liver problems during transplant. The doctor said going to transplant with adenovirus is "as dangerous if not more dangerous" than going to transplant with parainfluenza.

Hunter is scheduled for an IVIG infusion tomorrow. They will draw blood prior to this to further confirm the adenovirus test result. They will also test a stool sample.

Hunter will have another nasal wash and throat culture on Tuesday. Positive results of any kind will most likely result in another delay.

The doctor also mentioned nasal washes are performed on every pre-transplant patient, and Hunter is the only patient who has tested positive for two viruses in the past month.

We wait and we wait some more ...


  1. so sorry that you have another delay!! We're thinking about you with lots of love.

  2. Oh my god I'm so sorry !! What are you supposed to do? Stay all the time home until Hunter will get rid of these viruses? Did the doc tell you what you could do to protect Hunter against any germs or viruses??