Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day -7

Hunter's third day of chemo (Busulfan) has been uneventful so far. However, yesterday he showed signs of infection around his Central Line, general redness and irritation. The doctors now run antibiotics (an hour in length) after every dose of chemo. Today the area around his Line seems much improved. The dressing must bother him because whenever you look away from him he starts scratching it.

He eats well, perhaps a bit more particular about his food choices, but he's stopped drinking almost completely. He remains uninterested in milk and juice of any sort, which used to be a special treat. Subsequently, he receives IV fluids for much of the day and night. The chemotherapy drugs are hard on his kidneys so the doctors want to make sure they are constantly flushed out. We change diapers regularly and, at times, still can't keep up with his output. Hunter actually leaked through two diapers/sets of pajamas last night.

He remains a trooper and as charming as ever. We have two volunteers who will begin working with our family regularly next week. Hunter met them on Monday. One of the women is Allison. Hunter decided that she must be Alice in Wonderland. Also, we have had the same nurse, Amber, the past two days. Hunter decided that her new name is Hamburger. What can we do but laugh?


  1. "Uneventful" sounds really good! What a trooper! Do they think that since he's tolerating the chemo so well thus far, that this will likely be the case?? We love you!

  2. They are very happy with how he is responding so far ... However, the next two chemo drugs (Cytoxan and ATG) will be tough. Only time will tell ...

  3. What a little trooper! Thinking of you.