Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day -3 (Part 2)

Hunter hit a wall this morning with his chemotherapy. He got very upset, basically inconsolable, minutes before the nurse hooked him up to today's ATG dose. He complained of mouth pain, which is not unusual, as he will develop mucositis. His blood pressure dipped several times, he continues to have hives over his face, neck, groin and thighs, and his temperature reached a high of 104.8. The nurse immediately gave him Benadryl, Reglan (anti-nausea), Tylenol and morphine to calm him. He fell back asleep quickly and he's napped most of the day. A doctor from the pain team came in to evaluate Hunter afterwards. She hooked him up to a morphine drip and the team will monitor him closely for the duration. We took him to his weekly chest x-ray and to have a bath while he was awake briefly this evening. He receives his third dose of Cytoxan tonight at 10:00.

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  1. So sorry he's having a rough time of it too!! xxxooo