Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day -8

Hunter was awake from 4:00 until well after 6:00 this morning. I mean really awake. I had to tap into my Supernanny teachings since he was doing anything he could to get my attention as I tried to sleep on the futon (if you can call it that) next to his jail cell (crib). Every time I even breathed he whispered, "Hi. Hi Daddy." I would have laughed if it wasn't so painfully early in the morning. He must have bounced off every bar of his crib in his excitement. I had to get up several times to unwrap him from his IV lines. Supernanny would have been proud that I refused to make eye contact with him!

Currently, he is out cold. A semi could drive through his room and he wouldn't move. Today's chemo starts now ...


  1. Way to go Super Nanny! Keep up the great work. I am attaching a bucket load of patience in case you find need for it. :) So glad to hear things are going smoothly! Thanks so much for your updates! Loves and hugs all around.

  2. You really ARE supernanny..He would have ended up on my futon after a minute:)