Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Day 0

Hunter's transplant began at 12:50 this morning. The experience was extremely surreal. The infusion itself was similar to a blood or platelet infusion. The nurse hung the bag of marrow and ran it through Hunter's Line. The entire process lasted between four and five hours. Initially, Hunter was asleep but awoke during the course of the transplant. He was reluctant to go back to sleep until about 4:30. He woke up this morning about 9:45 in a good mood. Eventually he became distressed due to skin irritation. Hunter scratches his thighs, chest, neck and face the majority of his time awake and a portion of his time asleep. Unfortunately, his skin irritation has been difficult to get a handle on these past few days. We hope that once the trace amounts of morphine clear his system he will be more comfortable. Hunter took an abbreviated nap late this afternoon and again woke up in a good mood. He definitely seems intoxicated from the plethora of medications. Now we wait to see how his body handles the transplant and prepare ourselves for the variety of its potential side effects.


  1. We are thinking of your darling boy and of you both and hope that there are no side effects from the transplant and hunter can start upon his road to recovery. please give him a huge hug and love from us. thinking of you all at this critical time x

  2. Bonjour à vous,

    Ruée ce matin sur l'ordi pour vérifier que la greffe avait effectivement eu lieu. Bravo! Attendre maintenant n'est pas le plus facile, mais ce que vous avez fait déjà a été si difficile... Vous tenez le bon bout. Faites des tonnes de bisous à Hunter et dites-le lui que l'on pense à lui à l'autre bout du monde.
    Mille bisettes,

  3. So happy the transplant is completed. I'm hoping there won't be many or any side affects and Hunter can begin healing. You all are constantly in my prayers and thoughts.
    Val T.

  4. Hunter, you are such a brave and tough kid for getting through your conditioning regimen and transplant. I know you'll be able to handle whatever comes next.