Monday, September 21, 2009

Day -2

Hunter received his final dose of ATG this morning. Afterwards, he received a blood transfusion. He will receive his final dose of Cytoxan, which is also his final dose of chemotherapy, thankfully, tonight at 10:00.

Hunter spent most of the day sleeping after a surprisingly playful morning. His temperature continually fluctuates and he is, more or less, covered in hives. He watches either Cars or Elmo in Grouchland while he is awake. He still takes a few medications orally in the morning and evening. Although the doctors switched most of them to IV because it will become increasingly difficult for him to swallow. Unfortunately, he threw up his medications this evening. We gave him a bath, as they are required daily, and he actually seemed to enjoy himself. However, we experienced a moment of panic. His nose began to bleed when we were drying him off. Luckily, it stopped pretty quickly. The nurse said they will most likely draw his labs earlier than usual to check his platelet count. We expect he will need a platelet infusion soon. Tomorrow serves as a day of rest prior to his transplant. Hunter does not have an appetite anymore and refuses anything he is offered, food or drink. He will be placed on IV nutrition within the next twenty-four hours.


  1. he did soooo well !! Now it's the end of the chemo, he'll be tired but at least he won't threw up anymore,and the hives will disappear ect...
    You must be so proud of him, I know I am, I'm not half as brave as he is :)

  2. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with Hunter and both of you. We hope everything goes well tomorrow.

    All our best,
    Ramin & Teresa
    (Luna's Uncle and Aunt)