Saturday, September 12, 2009

All is well after a very long Friday ...

7:45 am Hunter ate his last meal prior to surgery

11:45 am Hunter drank his last cup of apple juice

2:45 pm We checked into our exam room at Children's Hospital

6:45 pm We (finally) spoke with the surgeon regarding both procedures

7:45 pm Hunter was put under anesthesia

9:00 pm We spoke with the surgeon while Hunter was in the recovery room

9:50 pm The recovery nurse carried a crying Hunter to us
She said, "He woke up, took one look at me and burst into tears."

10:05 pm Hunter downed a cup of apple juice and two popsicles

10:35 pm We were discharged from Children's Hospital

10:45 pm We arrived at our apartment at the Ronald McDonald House

11:00 pm Hunter ate wheat thins and strawberries and drank a cup of milk

11:15 pm Hunter went to sleep


  1. He is soooo strong, it's amazing !!

  2. Hope you ALL had a restful, peaceful weekend!