Monday, September 14, 2009

Day -9 (Countdown to Day Zero/Transplant)

Hunter is currently on the third dose of his first chemotherapy drug, Busulfan. He is scheduled to receive a dose (which lasts two hours) every six hours for the next three days, four days total. He seems no worse for wear so far. The main side effect that accompanies Busulfan is nausea, however they give him anti-nausea medication before each dose.

He remains as outgoing as ever and has already won over several nurses. His speech and vocabulary are expanding daily and he honestly thinks he's a comedian. He's definitely keeping us on our toes with his constant energy and exuberance.

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  1. Hi my name is Connie Perry better knowen as GC Ashley's grandma from Palm Desert CA. I have heard so much about Hunter (which by the way was my maiden name) I hope and pray all goes well. I will be in Seattle for Ashley's transplant, I really hope I can meet Hunter and his wonderful family.
    Connie Perry