Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day +62 (Two months and one day ...)

It is hard to believe it was two months and one day ago Hunter received his bone marrow transplant in the middle of the night. It's strange how time can fly and stand still simultaneously.

Last Friday's platelet count was 118,000 and this Tuesday's was 130,000. We are looking forward to Friday's number. Again, a person's normal platelet range is between 150,000 and 400,000. Hunter still has many other counts needing to reach normal range. However, we are happy he has working platelets since this was one of the issues that plagued Hunter prior to transplant.

The one current concern we have is Hunter's movement. Initially, he seemed to bounce back well after being discharged from the hospital. He showed improvement each day and was walking, playing and moving similarly to before his transplant. We believed he had regained most of his strength and flexibility, knowing we needed to work on his endurance. However, he appears to have digressed recently. He walks with a very wide base and looks like his muscles are always tight. He even loses his balance at times and ends up on his rear. We are thankful he doesn't complain of any pain and attempts to get on with things per usual. It certainly hasn't prevented him from bouncing off our apartment walls! Can you say cabin fever? stir crazy?

The doctors and physical therapists are monitoring Hunter closely. His Attending Physician said if it doesn't resolve by early next week Hunter will most likely undergo an MRI, looking at his hip joints. She thinks if his movement issue lingers it may be either from one of two current medications or a residual side effect from one of the chemotherapy drugs.
We are hoping it is a direct correlation of how hard the physical therapists are pushing him. However, better safe than sorry, right?!

P.S. The news out of L.A. is Hunter's little sister, Harper Aaliyah, began walking today. Her first birthday is a week from tomorrow. We tell ourselves we'll have many more milestones together as a family. However, I must admit these are difficult to miss.

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