Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day +42 (Wet, wet, wet ...)

Today has been very slow. We didn't have any appointments and it's been raining steadily since morning. I suppose that isn't a real surprise since we are in Seattle, but we Angelinos are definitely out of our element (no pun intended). The three of us were going stir crazy in our apartment and had to improvise a plan for the day. We wanted Hunter to get some exercise since he doesn't begin physical therapy for another week and a half. The Ronald McDonald House we are living in has two levels. We decided to do laps up and down the hallways and allow Hunter to take the stairs between floors. He started out extremely well, but lost steam after a couple rotations. However, the boy is absolutely tenacious and wanted to continue on his own. We let him push himself for a little while, figuring he had two spotters on the stairs. Anyway, we were happy to get Hunter out of our apartment in some capacity two different times today. Subsequently, he had a great nap and is still thirsty from working out. He is close to reaching his fluid intake goal for the second consecutive day. Hunter's weekly IVIG appointment is tomorrow so we'll be inside in the morning. Hopefully, it will clear up by tomorrow afternoon allowing us to get outside for a wagon ride and some fresh Seattle air.

P.S. We had the pleasure of two friends visiting yesterday, one old and one new. We enjoyed them spending time with us.

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  1. Eh ben quoi ? A Paris aussi il pleut... On va offrir à Hunter des bottes et un beau ciré jaune pour aller sauter dans les flaques, comme le font très bien ses cousins.

    Mille bises de nous quatre,
    Sylvie et les garçons.