Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day +47 (Routine ...)

There hasn't been much to report these past few days. Today's outpatient visit covered the basics: a blood draw, meeting with Hunter's Nutritionist and physical exam. Luckily, Hunter's platelets and ANC are holding steady, especially since he had a nosebleed in the exam room. Nosebleeds were such a part of our lives prior to Hunter's transplant, it was hard not to stress out when it began. It's even harder to believe he had one that actually stopped on its own, but it did! Other good news from today's visit is Hunter's doctors cut his four hour hydration back to a two hour magnesium drip. We love this because it means we only have to get up once during the night as opposed to four or five times!

Thankfully, Hunter has fallen back into his pre-transplant daily routine. He's back on his breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner schedule, as well as his nap and bedtime schedule. He even sleeps in an extra hour in the morning, which we certainly aren't complaining about. Initially, he was leery of going to sleep by himself since one of us slept by his bedside every night for six plus weeks. However, he seems to have gotten over it.


  1. Encore de bonnes nouvelles aujourd'hui : le saignement de nez qui s'arrête tout seul, c'est un super signe d'hémostase qui commence à fonctionner ! Espérons que ce sera toujours le cas dans l'avenir. Bravo Hunter ! Bises de
    Sylvie et les garçons

  2. Wonderful news! Over the moon about hearing this fantastic post! Keep up with the 'boring' routine!!! x