Monday, November 16, 2009

Day +53 (No news is good news, right?)

There hasn't been much to report these past few days. Everything remains status quo as Hunter continues to gain strength and independence. Yesterday Hunter's friends from the volunteer organization Side-by-Side came for a two hour playdate, part of our Sunday routine. We love the fact Hunter has someone to interact with besides us. We in turn have the opportunity to get out of the apartment knowing Hunter is safe and sound. We used to worry he would cry when we left and he usually did. However, yesterday he was telling us "Bye. See you later," while ushering us out the door. We had to laugh, but truly appreciate his comfort level with Allison and Lynn.

Today Hunter had his first physical therapy appointment since his initial assessment. He suffers from sensory overload when he enters the mini-gym and struggles to concentrate on any one thing before settling down for his session. He reminds me of a hummingbird stumbling across a hundred flowers all to himself, floating around the room from toy to toy, ball to ball, activity to activity. He impressed us with his ability to figure out how to walk along a low balance beam while squatting to pick up plastic cupcakes every few steps. The boy even dismounted at the end when he got comfortable with what he was doing. I had to stifle a laugh at that point. We were pleased to learn he will be reevaluated next Monday to determine whether he needs further appointments. Initially, we were scheduled for twice weekly sessions through early January. Perhaps the circuit and cross training in the halls and on the stairs of the Ronald McDonald House have helped Hunter (Dad says tongue in cheek).

Truly the biggest news of the past few days is Hunter has gone "peepee in the big boy potty" three consecutive days! Does it get any better than that?


  1. Oh wow, He even got potty trained !!! Hunter is the BEST :)
    It feels sooo good to read all these good news and seing that he's recovering so fast :)

  2. Oh well done Hunter!...he's a big boy now! x

  3. Great to hear all the good news on his progress, every little step counts! And just the thought of having no diapersa round in a few wmoths...yeah!

    Best Wishes,

  4. Hi sissy Reva here NOT Grandma!!Finally I'm able to get into this here blog business!!!I'm not too quick w/ this here computer BUT I have faithfully been checking in!!Hope you all know I am thinking of you all and can't wait to get you all home safely!!!CALL me ANY time (you know old school Reva )smile!Dont text,dont e-mail-ect...ha ha!I will be shipping mom and dad off TO California soon and will hold the fort down here in Peoria!!!I am very impressed w/ our BIG BOY going potty in the big boy pot!!!!And our little girl looks soo cute!! Cant wait to see ALL OF YOU! Do you need ANYTHING???!!! Please I hope you would tell me right??OK Happy Thanksgiving I am very Thankful for ALL of you!!!Talk to me soon....
    oh and lots of HUGS & KISSES too!!!

  5. J'aimerais bien que Marin en fasse autant ! (Je parle de faire pipi au pot bien sûr, car ici, on est toujours dans les couches jusqu'au cou !!!).
    Bises à vous tous, de nous tous,
    Sylvie et les garçons

  6. Hi! I'm so happy to hear about all the great steps being made. I'm so proud of Hunter and I'm in awe of his courage and resillience. I'm very proud of his "big boy" potty success. Have a good Thanksgiving. We have soooo much to be thankful for.
    Love, Cousin Val