Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day +56 (More of the same ...)

Tuesday's outpatient visit showed Hunter's counts are steadily improving. We were excited to learn his platelet count is 106,000! Even though Hunter is currently meeting his fluid intake requirement, he continues his nightly four-hour hydration and anti-nausea medication, both of which will be re-evaluated at tomorrow's appointment. Beginning next week Hunter's clinic visits will be once a week provided everything remains stable. Now the biggest issue is how Hunter's body reacts to the steroid taper, whether there are any flare-ups of GVHD. If so his doctors will re-evaluate the steroids, possibly increasing the dose.

Yesterday Hunter had a great physical therapy appointment with a variety of activities. He bounced on two different trampolines and bowled. Hunter and another patient played with a small parachute, squatting to pick it up and stretching tall to release it. At the end of the session the therapist wanted Hunter to try yoga, but he wasn't having it.

We visited with one of our neighbors at RMH today. They are going home tomorrow, and we just realized they've been staying in the apartment directly below us. They made us smile when telling us how they said "Oh, Thumper's awake!" when referring to Hunter's early morning antics.

(Ghostwritten by Grandma Marcia)


  1. Platelets 106K! Great! Once again, so thrilled to hear your 'uneventful' news. Hunter, you are truely amazing. Any chance of some new photos? x

  2. J'adore vos messages sans problème. Cela me permet de commencer la journée avec enthousiasme ! Bravo à Hunter (et pour ce qui est du yoga, moi aussi j'ai horreur de ça !)
    Bisous de nous tous,
    Sylvie et les garçons

  3. yep, Thumper can't do yoga ! :)