Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day +44 ("Boring is good ...")

Hunter's clinic visit yesterday was uneventful. He had his routine blood draw and IVIG infusion. Before being admitted we had enrolled Hunter in a nasal wash study, potentially giving us early insight to any viral infections he might have. The study entails swabs of his nostrils and throat. Thankfully, it is much less invasive than the "saline squirt up the nose and suction it out method" performed at the hospital. I believe it's safe to say Hunter prefers the swabs as he was relieved it was over quickly. His ANC and platelet counts held steady, which is good. Hopefully, we will see increases in both next week. Hunter has a routine chest x-ray this Monday, outpatient clinic Tuesday and Friday, and an occupational therapy assessment on Thursday. He still takes a plethora of oral medicines but we're happy the doctors tapered some of the amounts and frequencies. The doctors also decreased Hunter's nightly hydration. He now has 250 milliliters of fluid running over four hours instead of 700 over ten. This change allows us all to get more sleep, which we certainly appreciate. The Physician's Assistant's words of advice during this appointment, "Boring is good!" We've never been so thrilled to be bored!


  1. "Plate est bonne"...
    Puisque vous vous ennuyez, jetez donc un oeil à la traduction en français de votre blog par Google, c'est à hurler de rire ! Vous y découvrirez les traitements du "Chasseur" sous un autre angle !
    Bisettes à vous tous,
    Sylvie et les garçons

  2. Glad to hear that Hunter is doing well and things are steady at this point. Here's wishing you all a really, really boring stay in Seattle!

    Best Wishes,


  3. Hi guys...

    I am so happy we had the chance to re-connect last week. Hunter is an amazing little man and you guys are incredible parents. Here's to more boring...and to seeing you all again soon.



  4. It was great to see you guys today! I just read all your past posts and got caught up. It's amazing to see him looking so happy and healthy after such a long road! Our thoughts are with you every day.

    The Peterson Family
    Mark, Angie, Ryan and James

  5. Rhea I am so glad to see that Hunter's days are "boring". Hope that they stay that way. He looks like a full of life little munchkin. I love the more recent pics