Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day +94 ('Bits and bobs' from the past week ...)

Monday - Hunter had a one on one physical therapy session with his primary physical therapist. Apparently, he pays better attention when his parents aren't around. Go figure. After his appointment we went to visit Ashley. Ashley's dad, Bill, threw together a hospital lunch for Hunter so we could prolong our visit. Nothing beats chicken strips with mustard, pretzels, grapes and orange juice in Hunter's mind!

Tuesday - We met with Hunter's immunologist, Dr. Ochs, regarding Hunter's current immune function, which isn't much, and "the plan" for the next nine months. Hunter will continue to receive IVIG until he is off immunosuppressant drugs, the timing of which is still to be determined. They will further evaluate his immune system then.

Wednesday - I attended a Long-Term Follow-Up class, time well spent. Hunter enjoyed himself in the afternoon running the halls with his new friend, Elizabeth. She is the three year old sister of a little boy here in the transplant apartment building.

Thursday - Hunter had another physical therapy appointment. He is making good progress, seemingly better than before transplant. He's certainly faster! The physical therapy team has done an excellent job with Hunter. We couldn't be more pleased.

Friday - Christmas! Hunter woke up to the presents Santa left for him. Can you say spoiled?! It was fun to sit around and watch him focus on the one toy we never anticipated him focusing on, a pint-sized Target semi. Who needs a Buzz Lightyear action figure or a remote control Caterpillar dumptruck? The highlight of our day was our trip to visit Ashley and her family. We were thrilled to see Ashley walk out of her room in a new Christmas sweatsuit and pick up Hunter for hugs and kisses.

Saturday - We spent our time lazing around the apartment in the morning. However, in the afternoon, we took a trip to Candy Cane Lane, a small neighborhood filled with Christmas lights and decorations. We had a nice time together and actually took a second trip through because it was so well done. Unfortunately, Hunter did not fully realize this would be his first night without his beloved pacifier. He cried, screamed, whined and tantrumed his little heart out. After forty-five minutes he let out a big yawn, had a brief discussion with himself about where his pacifier could possibly be and finally fell asleep until morning.

Sunday (today) - Hunter had an impromptu playdate in the hallway with Elizabeth. They ran each other ragged, and subsequently, he had an amazing nap! This afternoon one of our volunteers, Allison, entertained Hunter for almost two hours, allowing us to catch our breath and relax. We are very lucky to be matched with two involved and thoughtful volunteers. Tonight is night two of "Operation NO Pacifier"! I have to admit it's not easy blogging with an agitated two and a half year old in the next room. I gave it my best effort though!

We have plenty more appointments this week. Hopefully, we'll hear good news before it is all said and done. Wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas!


  1. Je vois que la semaine a été riche en évènements agréables (sauf le sevrage de tétine)! J'espère qu'Hunter a apprécié ses cadeaux et que ses parents ont pensé à ouvrir la boite venant de Paris et à manger les papillottes qui étaient dedans !
    On vous embrasse de tout coeur,
    Sylvie et les marseillais.

  2. Hunter will definitely be missed around here! He has the most wonderful spirit! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your lives! HUGS.