Monday, December 7, 2009

Day +74 (A night of wondering ...)

Today we received a phone call from the outpatient clinic. The receptionist let us know Hunter would not undergo a bone marrow aspiration next week as part of his Day 80 evaluation. However, she was unable to provide us with the why. She also mentioned Hunter's skin biopsy would most likely be scheduled for this week, earlier than we anticipated, as opposed to next. I suppose we will find out the why at tomorrow's scheduled appointment but for tonight we are left to wonder. Our initial thought (optimism) is perhaps we are being fast tracked out of Seattle for the holidays. That would be wonderful, although scary too. We are concerned (pessimism) about the fact Hunter has not tapered off his current steriod. We would hate to return to L.A., have Hunter taper off steroids and GVHD rear its ugly head. Even though we long for home we expressed to Hunter's team at his last appointment we prefer to stay in Seattle a few extra weeks if necessary to put out any fires. We will have our hands plenty full with Hunter's care when we finally arrive home, the less issues the better.

Hunter attended his physical therapy appointment by himself today. His Physical Therapist and we wanted to see how he would perform without us there. We expected to see Hunter back in the waiting room long before the hour session ended. Boy, were we ever wrong! Apparently, he was much more focused without his parents watching his every move. Hunter was still going strong when we went back to retrieve him after fifty minutes, helping the PT put everything back in its original place.

We went to see Ashley and her mom after physical therapy, which has become part of our Monday, Thursday routine. Hunter enjoys seeing the Aven family, as do we. He dishes out hugs and kisses and takes turns sitting with Ashley and Ashley's mom, Tamara, remaining on his very best behavior. We can't help but feel inspired after our visits with them. We feel lucky to be able to call them friends.

P.S. Hunter's platelet count last Friday was 140,000!

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