Saturday, August 1, 2009


We received a call from Dr. Sanders, Director of the Bone Marrow Transplantation Service at Children's Hospital, at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. Shockingly, it turns out that Hunter's "perfect match" donor is actually NOT a "perfect match." We were so dumbfounded that after we hung up the phone with her we called right back to have the same conversation all over again. It didn't register the first time and, honestly, it still hasn't registered.

What does this mean for Hunter? We really have no clue other than his transplant is postponed, possibly up to four weeks. However, we all know that when a doctor says four weeks it's more like eight weeks, right? Anyway, they have to test the blood samples of other donors who are potential matches for Hunter to see who is the most viable option. We pray the donors are available and willing to move quickly versus being on vacation or something along those lines.

We are taking it one day at a time, in our own personal "holding pattern", until we meet with the BMT team at the beginning of the week. We are thankful Hunter's Hickman Line placement and bone marrow aspiration scheduled for last week were rescheduled for this week so he hadn't gone through those procedures yet ... not to mention also thankful Hunter hadn't been admitted to the hospital OR started chemotherapy!


  1. I am stunned this kind of mistake was made. I hope they find another perfect match donor very soon and things start moving along for Hunter and all of you.

  2. How could this be possible???? I am so sorry. Continued thoughts and prayers.

  3. Unbelievable!!!!! I can imagine that you were somewhat prepared for the whole thing to be underway, and now to have to 'start again'....truely unbelievable....But still, as you mentioned thank goodness Hunter hadn't begun any of the 'process'yet. I hope they are now able to find the best possible match, and that you don't have to wait too long? Best wishes to you all.

  4. I just can't believe it!!! And what about the other donor, you had 2 good matches or it was also a mistake?? It's just unbelievable, I'm on shock!!
    Courage !