Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the Seattle again ...

We arrived in Seattle yesterday as planned. However, we took Hunter directly to the SCCA, which was not part of the plan. Hunter started coughing on Tuesday morning, literally twenty-four hours before our return flight. Initially, we weren't too worried because he didn't show signs of any other symptoms and was not running a fever. The staff ran a nasal wash, throat culture and chest x-ray on Hunter to see if there was reason for concern since he is so close to being admitted to Children's Hospital. After several meetings and an hour in the blood draw lab today, we learned that Hunter has a common type of influenza. We have a meeting tomorrow morning with the BMT team, but honestly we are looking at another delay, two weeks minimum. We are praying that the donor will be able to rearrange her schedule to donate when Hunter is healthy. We are in disbelief at the turn of events, but realize Hunter must be 100% before he begins chemotherapy. We have decided not to return to L.A. this time as leaving family and friends twice already proved difficult enough.


  1. Oh guys--I'm so sorry about another setback. Hope he gets better fast. We think about you all of the time. We love you and are so proud of you.

  2. Sorry about this setback! Hope Hunter feels better soon and everything gets back on track. Positive vibes coming your way : )

  3. Oh my! well I was hoping not to have to say this....but THIRD time lucky!!!! I'll keep everything crossed for you all that Hunter gets better really fast and you can get this process started.