Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Two perfect matches"

We received an email this morning from the Unrelated Transplant Coordinator at Children's Hospital. She wanted us to know that they have found TWO bone marrow donors that are perfect matches (10 out of 10) for Hunter. Currently, we are waiting on more information regarding Hunter's condition and have not made a decision about how we are going to proceed. However, this is excellent news considering our hematologist thought finding an unrelated donor that was even a partial match would be extremely difficult.

We hope a bone marrow transplant isn't necessary but we are relieved to know that there are available matches if it is.


  1. Hi, thanks so much for your message on Olivers Blog. Whatever you chose for Hunter Im sure will be the right choice for him. WAS is hard to deal with as it presents in so many different ways and so many variations of mutations. We too had 2 10/10 matches so we were extremely lucky also.
    Hunter looks a stunning little boy - please keep in touch will be great to see how he is doing.

  2. I just want to introduce myself, another WAS mum (from Australia)! with a 23 month old boy, Max. We are in the process of waiting on an admission date for BMT. We have two cord blood matches availiable. While it is a relief to have these matches, it doesn't stop the worrying of the process of BMT. My thinking is however, is that it is best to fix the illness, rather than just treat the symptoms (ie splenectomy). We were initially recommened to do this, but disagreed due to all the other possible health conplications that arise for WAS kids without a spleen. Also, this does not treat the other WAS issues!). Anyhow enough rambling, I don't have a blog, but my email is beeholzer@hotmail.com should you feel like chatting?? Best wishes, Bee