Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Within 4 weeks ..."

Hunter had his last blood draw (for this round of testing) this past Thursday. Dr. Ochs, our immunologist in Seattle, will run tests on all of the samples they've taken since February 17th. Each blood draw has gotten trickier because Hunter anticipates the insertion of the needle. However, through his tears, he always says "thank you" to the technician. The sweetest thing about his "thank you" is that he actually says it while the needle is still in his arm.

Dr. Ochs let us know in an email that "we have some backlog, but should be able to analyze all (of the) samples within 4 weeks." We try to remain positive about the time frames we are given by our doctors but over the last year "within 4 weeks" usually means something closer to 8 weeks. Although, I suppose, after all of the testing, different doctors and life changes what is another 4 weeks of waiting, right?


  1. honey, what will the test results tell you?

  2. The results will tell us what the next step for Hunter is. I realize that sounds rather vague but, ideally, we are trying not to think too far ahead at this point. Hopefully, we will have some real answers when we have our consult with Dr. Ochs after his analysis is complete.

  3. My prayers are with you. What a sweet, precious child Hunter is. I love that adorable face.I just want to hug him!
    May GOD watch over the whole family.