Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Results ...

We received the results we were waiting for yesterday afternoon. Dr. Ochs, along with other key opinion leaders (KOLs), thinks that a bone marrow transplant is the best option for Hunter. Now we must decide where to do the transplant. Our options are Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Seattle Children's Hospital. Obviously, L.A. would be more convenient logistically but Seattle has a very strong BMT program. We are going to speak with the physicians in Seattle to see what their protocol is and how different it is from that of C.H.L.A.'s.

Hopefully, we will have all of the information we need soon so that we can make a decision promptly. We know that it is in Hunter's best interest to have the transplant done this summer. It is better to avoid a transplant during the fall/winter months, cold/flu season as part of the process involves total suppresion of the immune system.

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  1. Patrick told me that you wouldn't be able to sleep at the hospital if Hunter goes to LA, isn't it better for Hunter to have you on his side even at night? I don't know exactely how it works, but if you have the possibility to spend a few months in Seatle, if their program is good, if you can sleep at the hospital ect may be it will be better for him ?! Will doctor Ochs check on him if you're over there??